Paxlovid for Covid experiences

Has anyone had any experience with Pfizer’s Paxlovid anti-viral for COVID? Of course I’m under the care of a physician, but I’m wondering if any endurance athletes have had experience using the drug. I’m on The fence right now. Symptoms are about a 2/10 so definitely manageable. But one part of me says go ahead and take it to keep it that way! Doc says take it as there is little downside, but I’m not sure he weighs that in The context of what we as cyclists do. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

I took a course of Paxlovid 2 weeks ago. I was also on the fence about taking it as I was already 3 days after my first symptoms, the symptoms were mild, and my coworkers had gotten major side effects from it. The only Paxlovid side effect that i know I got was the bitter taste in the mouth and that ended a couple days after. I dont think that the Paxlovid affected my cycling and other then terrible fatigue I had very minor Covid symptoms

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Thanks for the reply. What were your co-workers side effects?

Severe diarrhea and other stomach issues and one also had a rebound case

Rebound cases happen even in regular covid cases, not just when taking Paxlovid. It happened with placebos in the clinical trials as well. Just FYI.

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Apparently Fauci had to get on it twice.