Any users test positive for COVID-19? Any early signs while training?

Now that I’m paranoid about every little niggle I feel, has anyone here tested positive for the coronavirus and what did you feel, if anything, during workouts leading up to your positive test?

I haven’t tested positive but have a good experience of getting sick during training:

RPE way up
HR potentially up
Not feeling well

It’s pretty straightforward really. Nothing different from other respiratory infections on that level.

Note that most will have mild symptoms (of course even <60 y/o can get pretty bad infections, but that’s rare overall).

I was in Catalunya last week and got back to Reno (home of TR) on Sunday. Since then, I’ve had symptoms similar to a mild cold or allergies. My chest is tight, throat is sore (sometimes) and my head aches. The chest tightness feels like I ate some nut butter and need to wash it down with water. If Coronavirus wasn’t an issue, I’d say this is just my Spring allergies and I’d go about my normal schedule.
I haven’t tested positive but based on my travel and symptoms, my doctor & the local Health Department say I most likely have COVID19. They’re not going to test me due to the lack of available test kits and they’d rather save them for the really sick people. The list of symptoms is just about everything that you might have with a Flu or Cold and you might have a few symptoms or many symptoms. Their advice was to treat it like any other cold or flu.

My experience could be different from others. What I have observed however is that the day before, my night time average HR drops quite considerably (even in the middle of a training block) and the day I do my workout, I feel a bit dizzy but at the same time very energetic.

However, once I finish the workout and hit the shower, I start feeling feverish, my core temperature shoots through the roof and I start shivering.

What I am trying to say here is to do your darn best to stay in tune with your body and always pay attention to how you feel. If you’re unsure, it is better to be overly cautious and skip a workout. A missed day, two or even five won’t make a dent on your fitness. Getting real sick however, always will.

This goes to every type of illness, viral or not.


Loss of sense of smell and/or taste is an early sign.


Fellow reno resident here…I hope they advised you to self quarantine? We only have 25 confirmed cases here but I am sure that is just due to the lack of testing, I bet the number is more like 200+.

Yes, my wife and I have been self isolating since we got home. She has the same symptoms as me.

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I hope you feel better soon. My wife and I went on a mexican riviera cruise back in early January out of Long Beach. The day we disembarked in LA we both started feeling sick, in fact 6 out of the 10 in our group got sick. Same thing, sore throat, fever, tight chest, heavy cough. My wife went to the doctor and he just said it was the crud that was going around Reno. It was by far the worst cold I or my wife had ever had and it took several weeks to get over. I think covid19 has been here for quite some time.

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Not had an official diagnosis, but we came back form Switzerland about a month ago and had all of the symptoms. Felt a little rough, but not much worse than a normal cold (39 y.o. and no underlying health issues).

I would say it lasted for a week or so and I was able to knock out some Z2 easy rides during. Whilst I still don’t feel 100%, I think we’re all over the worst of it now and am back to training as normal (12-15h p.w.) - what for, I’m not sure though as all of my race have been, understandably, shelved :grinning:

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get well soon!

It felt like a bad cold the first day (sore throat, cough, generel discomfort), a really bad cold at the start of the second day (same but way worse), by evening on the second day I had a 40 degree (104 f) fever and extensive muscle pain that lasted the night and the whole next day. When I woke on the forth day the fever had gone and all I was left with was a very sore throat and a headache.
That’s now four days ago and I still occasionally cough and have a slightly sore throat, but nothing that stops my from riding some easy gravel.
FYI I’m a 32 year old in (compared to the general public) great shape.

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So you tested positive then?

I haven’t tested for COVID-19, but In terms of what I feel at the onset of a nasty virus (i.e. flu). It starts creeping up slowly with little body aches. I notice soreness in my upper back and even calves. I also notice an elevated resting heart rate, usually around 10 bpm higher. 20 when the virus is full effect.

Then fever, chills, etc.

They’re only testing people who need to be hospitalized, so no, no official test. But I’m been working close to one who’s living with one that got tested positive before they stopped testing everyone they could trace. So not 100 % sure, but I’d say 99 % sure.