Pausing Your TR Subcription

I was wondering if it was possible to pause your yearly subscription rather than cancel it?

Long time user and loving it, but given current circumstances I will not be able to use the platform much, if at all for 2019. I have every intention of coming back to TR later this year and do not want to lose my current plan.

Your current data will be retained for you, take a look below

Might be worth an email into as if you cancel your subscription you may end up on a higher price when you come back.


Exactly my dilemma, I don’t want to cancel or else I’m certain I’ll lose my grandfathered in subscription which is a fantastic thing @Nate_Pearson has opted to do!

At the same time it’s tough knowing I can’t really use TR for the next 10 to 12 months, effectively paying a year just to keep subscription plan.

Ill try support, thanks.

You cancel, you lose your rate.

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Is that really so that you will not be able to use Trainer Road at all? Take a look at Maintenance or Time Crunched plans:

The calendar feature would help you to keep structure even if there is very little volume.

So grandfathered price I believe is $99 annually and new price is $129. So a couple ways to look at it. If you come back to TR (but keep your $99 subscription) you will have recouped your loss in 3 years, assuming you are with TR for the long run. Also, if you will still ride and train throughout the year outside of TR, you will benefit from the calendar and ride analysis tools you upload to TR.

Another option would be to create a new season and have a family member use your subscription in your absence. Then, when you return to TR just exclude/delete that season from all your records.


I think you’ve solved my problem. Will set this up for someone in the family and hopefully they will get some use with it. Cheers @MI-XC