Access to TrainerRoad after subscription ends

Hi everyone,
I’m sorry if this is covered somewhere but I haven’t been able to find an answer to my question.
Do you keep the access to your TrainerRoad account after the subscription ends? Do workouts (outside for example) still upload to TrainerRoad?

I won’t be having time to ride in the next couple of months and if I manage to sneak in a workout or two, I’d do it outside since the weather is fine now. Therefore I wouldn’t subscribe for this time period, then resubscribe. Would my outside workouts still get uploaded? I would I still have access to my calendar, account settings etc.?

This might help:

When you cancel your account, your workout history will be saved. When you return to TrainerRoad in the future, all of your training data will be present. Of course, you will not be charged for TrainerRoad during the time your account is canceled.

We will automatically save your login credentials and workout history if you cancel your account. When you’re ready to reactivate your subscription, your username, password, and workout history will be waiting for you.

I would assume its pretty safe to say you wont have access to your account (calendar, setting, etc) and rides won’t upload to your account whilst you are not an active subscriber - after all those are features you pay for as part of your subscription…


Your outside rides will be there when you resubscribe but you wont have access to calendar and settings until then

Your TR history is retained but you don’t have access to it.

If you are on a desktop rather than a mobile or tablet use a different browser (or incognito mode) to visit the TR website, you won’t have access to your account unless you log in.

Rides won’t be uploaded whilst you aren’t subscribed but depending on where you generally record your rides you will see them synced across when you resubscribe - Strava does your full history, Garmin Connect is just the last six(?) months, that bit depends on the third party not TR.

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You could use something other than TR for your history e.g. (my software).


Think there is a 2 year limit on the Garmin Connect api… certainly with the connected services I use.

I seem to remember that in one of the podcasts Nate mentioned they could only pull 6 months or so of rides from Garmin. So long ago that I’ve probably got that wrong. These things change over time anyway so may well be greater now.

I’ve logged historical walks and runs on Strava going back to the 1970s (obviously Strava wasn’t in existence then but I put reasonably accurate year and month to avoid messing up current years) and TR has pulled those in.

Just something to be aware of.

Double checked the limit is two years for Garmin Connect.

I worked around these issues in by writing an importer for the file Garmin sends you when you request all of your data. Then you get everything including activities can’t normally get from GC (e.g. Zwift rides). GDPR did do some good :slight_smile: