TrainerRoad Pricing Update - But you have until Oct 8th, 2018 to Lock in at Current Pricing

These sort of announcements are always bittersweet. Charging more lets TR hire more employees and build more tools, but I know no one wants a price increase.

Starting Oct 8th, 2018 our new pricing will be:

  • $15/month
  • $129/year

Everyone who stays an active member will be grandfathered in at their current pricing. You don’t have to do anything other than keep your subscription active. We will never raise your prices as long as you keep your subscription active.

That means if you are not currently an active member you might want to think about signing up now and locking in your pricing. It’s also a good idea to sign up for our yearly plan to save even more (if you plan to stay with us).

TrainerRoad has really grown a lot, especially in the last year. We now offer:

  • Performance Planning (via our Calendar)
  • Performance Training (via our Training App)
  • Performance Analytics (Our online suite of tools to analyze your workouts - Learn more)

The extra revenue we get from the pricing increase will fuel the next level of development at TrainerRoad.

Even with the price increase I still think we’re the best value in cycling; nothing will make you faster for less money.

And if you like TrainerRoad, what we’ve been doing and where we’re going, please share this message with your friends!

The more members we have the faster we can execute our roadmap. I really want to hire an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning team so please tell your friends to sign up :wink:.


I’m on a monthly plan right now. Can an active member still upgrade from a monthly plan to the old $99/year plan?

You sure can. That’s actually the best way to go! If you upgrade before October 8th, we will lock you in at $99/year for as long as your subscription remains active and you stay on your plan.

If you wait until after October 8th to upgrade, you’ll lose your grandfathered status and pay the new pricing, which is $129/year.

What happens if I’d like to change my subscription, but my next payment date isn’t until after October 8th?

As long as you go through the process of changing your subscription before October 8th, you will remain grandfathered into the current pricing plan.

For example, if your monthly subscription normally renews on the 15th of each month, but you’d like to upgrade to the $99/year plan, simply use this page to change your subscription before October 8th. On October 15th, your plan will automatically switch to the current pricing of $99/year.

I’m on an annual plan that renews later in the year. Will my plan renew at my current $99/year price or the new price?

Your annual plan will renew at the old price. You will keep your $99/year pricing for as long as your membership remains active and you do not change plans.

What if I decide to suspend or delete my TrainerRoad account after October 8th and then renew at a later date?

When you renew your account, you’ll pay the new pricing, which is $15/month or $129/year.

What if I change my subscription plan after October 8th?

In order to stay grandfathered into your current pricing plan, all plan changes must occur before October 8th. If you change your subscription from yearly to monthly, or from monthly to yearly, you’ll lose your grandfathered status and pay the new pricing, which is $15/month or $129/year.

You can change your subscription here.

I have TrainerRoad referral codes I want to share with friends. How does the pricing adjustment impact things?

Not at all! To win some points with your friends, you might want to share your referral codes with them before October 1st. That way they can take advantage of the current pricing. But other than that, the referral codes you’ve earned will work the same.

Not sure if you have referral codes to share? Log in to your online TrainerRoad account to check. From there click on Account > Account Information > Referrals.


So I’ve been paying monthly forever, so you’re welcome for the extra cash vs the yearly rate lol Should I switch to yearly now if I want to lock in that rate?


Up to you! :smiley: Thanks for being a member!

I’ve wasted money on many things over the last 4 and a bit decades but TR is not one of them. Bargain even at the new price, keep up the good work.


Worth every penny Nate :+1::smiley:ps loving your podcasts


Thank you for grandfathering your current customers. I know you said this back in a podcast at one point, but it’s great to see you stick to your word!


Mmmm! I was already thinking that it had got too expensive due to the poor £/$ exchange rate.
I’ll sleep on it…

But if you lock in, it’s not any more expensive :D.


Noted :heavy_check_mark::+1::smiley:

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All hail the might of the indoor training behemoth that is TrainerRoad, this is the only program i’ve stuck with, love it ! :grinning: Worth every penny


Speaking from experience with other (non-cycling) services, this is the sort of pricing commitment that really engenders customer loyalty.

(& conversely, a commitment that if reneged on, tends to spur immediate disloyalty :wink: )


You guys have added a ton of value to the service over the past year! I think TrainerRoad deserves a raise but I’ll still take the grandfather discount :wink:


For a good cause toward making us faster and toward @Nate @chad @Jonathan new venge! “Company expense” lol


You caught us! That’s the reason for the price increase :smiley:.


i wonder if a tiered pricing/service structure would be worth exploring in the future? a lower cost option with limited functionality vs the expanded features.

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Don’t worry I’m sure once Brexit is over it’ll all be fine…

If you compare TR to coaches or other platforms, it’s a steal!


The price increase is very much warranted and deserved, just for the amazing work on the calendar function alone, let alone all the other value-added features added over the past year or two.


I’ve been a TrainerRoad member for years & paying the yearly fee even though I really only use it in the winter months because I wanted to keep supporting TrainerRoad.

I’ve no plans to change that now. This is still the best system out there & worth every penny even with the increase. I wouldn’t be the rider I am today without it.

It’s only 1 less latte a month. :slight_smile:


Price increases aren’t liked but necessary. Thanks for considering your current users. This attitude helps keep your long term users loyal.
I’m sticking around to see what else you might have up your sleeves


Hi, my Monthly Subscription will finish on 10th of October. If I changed to Yearly subscription before the 8th of October, will I be charged only 99$ on the 10th of October instead of 129$?