Past Plans Tab....Unable to find


As I am approaching another preseason, I wanted to review what I had done last year. There used to be a tab that allowed this, but with the new features, I am unable to locate it. Is there any way of finding my old plans?

It as great as detailed the type of plan, dates and how much of it was completed.

I have seen from a previous post from Nate that this something you are looking to add back.

Is there any update on this?

Keep up the great work as always.



Hey James!

While we do have plans to add a way to see past plans in the future, this will apply only to plans completed through the new Calendar Feature and not plans completed before the update.

That being said, TrainerRoad employees can still manually look up your plans from the back end and share that information with you. I have sent you a direct message with your plans from the past year.


All my previous plan starts are now in the calendar, as mentioned in the November 1st podcast. But details like % completion is not.

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Could you post a screenshot of what this looks like? I can’t seem to see it in my calendar so it would be good to know if I have an issue or I’m just looking with my eyes shut

Calendar on mobile. My first plan on TR from a year ago.

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Thanks! Seems like half of mine are there and half aren’t for whatever reason

@pirnie - file a support ticket and TR will sort it out!

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Hey Bryce, do we still get a message or prompt when we “complete” a plan? I just finished SSB2 and there was nothing to indicate the plan was done. I know it’s done, but I just want to make sure I didn’t miss something.