Training Calendar got deleted?

Has this happened to anyone after this last update? Went to ride this morning and it was gone.

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Where have you looked for it, which apps and/or web?

You may want to email for help.

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TR app in both my phone and iPad. I don’t use a PC at all.

Yes, I have got the same issue on Windows pc

Same here…

I created a help desk ticket for this!

All my things are gone from the calendar (app/web)

The plan is there tho… i can see it elsewhere

Same. The website has my plan but I cannot see it on the calendar. See if there is a ticket response before I try making a new one.

You should still make it…
so they are aware that its a thing and not an individual problem…

I made a ticket this morning to let them know.

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Please let me know what they say… I will do the same.

I had the same problem last night. I had created a TR support ticket and have just been updated by TR support that my future calendar training plan has been restored to my mobile devices.

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I haven’t check my gmail, but i can see the wo again on the web calendar

So they manually loaded mine to the calendar. Couple of days got messed up but otherwise all good.

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