Training Calendar got deleted?

Has this happened to anyone after this last update? Went to ride this morning and it was gone.

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Where have you looked for it, which apps and/or web?

You may want to email for help.

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TR app in both my phone and iPad. I don’t use a PC at all.

Yes, I have got the same issue on Windows pc

Same here…

I created a help desk ticket for this!

All my things are gone from the calendar (app/web)

The plan is there tho… i can see it elsewhere

Same. The website has my plan but I cannot see it on the calendar. See if there is a ticket response before I try making a new one.

You should still make it…
so they are aware that its a thing and not an individual problem…

I made a ticket this morning to let them know.

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Please let me know what they say… I will do the same.

I had the same problem last night. I had created a TR support ticket and have just been updated by TR support that my future calendar training plan has been restored to my mobile devices.

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I haven’t check my gmail, but i can see the wo again on the web calendar

So they manually loaded mine to the calendar. Couple of days got messed up but otherwise all good.

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I debated starting a new thread and then posted here.

I spent the ~ three hours while doing redentore (the last ride of SPB I MV) trying to figure out what after I complete SPB II MV.

And figured that I would repeat SSB > SPB, (at least) once again.

So this morning I clicked on plan builder, and gave it a start date of 21 June (for the new plan to start) and .

Shot myself accidentally in the foot so to speak.

PB deleted the planned, but yet to be completed workouts for SPB II from tomorrow (23 May; ramp test) to the last workout of that block on 19 June.

have written to support with a request to please restore, I am hoping it will work out. The alternate I suppose is to add workouts a day at a time - not something I’m looking forward to.

I accidentally deleted a plan a few days ago. Support told me they don’t do restores and that I should rebuild my plan, but back date it to the previous start date.

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An update:

I had written to support and they did restore it. :+1:

Unfortunately my brevity came in the way of clarity, I wrote SPB for sustained power build completely forgetting that it is not unambiguous and could well be Short Power Build (is there an accepted abbreviation for this ?)

Unfortunately that’s what happened and Short Power Build Part 1 was restored.

I had recovered from my brainfart induced panic by then and figured that I could copy week from further down in the calendar (where I had SusPB-II)

So ends the imaginary self created storm in a tea cup.

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That frustrates me since they told me they couldn’t restore mine.

ShPB is what I use, with SuPB for Sustained. Sadly, this mistake / oversight happens often as people miss the conflict / overlap from the simple 1st letter abbreviations.

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In some cases we lack the necessary info to reapply the plan in detail, but I’ll have a team member reach out again to see if we can get that necessary info to reapply it for you!

Thanks @IvyAudrain. I’ve got a plan in place now. No need to do any more work on it. I appreciate the offer though!

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