Pairing issues during workout

My equipment is as follows: Wahoo Kickr + PC laptop + dongle + Garmin Vector 2 pedal power meter.

I’ve been noticing that during the middle of my workouts erg mode just stops and it doesn’t go up to the target power. I have to stop the workout. Close TR program then restart it and resume the workout. Sometimes I have to do this twice during one workout.

Also, sometimes the workout just pauses on its own and I have to keep pedaling for over 10-15 seconds to get the workout to resume.

Any suggestions?

I have almost the same setup, P1 pedals rather than vector.
The only time I have had a issue it was because the ant dongle was too far from the laptop. Have you got an extension lead ?

Our Support Team would be happy to help you sort out any weird issues like this :+1:

You can reach them at :slight_smile: