Erg Mode Off-Sync with Workout

Hello All!

Long-time listener, first-time caller.

Can someone explain to me what happened with my Baird +6 Workout this morning? There was almost a 15 second lag between the workout and the response in the trainer (in erg mode)… I’ve done several other workouts and haven’t had this issue previously.

For reference, I’m running TR on an iPhone 7 with a 2018 Kickr and Favero pedals (I match the pedals through the Kickr though rather than TR Powermatch). Obviously workout was done in erg mode as well…


Hi Ben!

This is really strange, your KICKR should definitely be reacting a bit better to those changes. Luckily, you still got the training benefit from the workout since it looks like the intervals just shifted, but weren’t shortened.

Have you recently updated your KICKR’s firmware? I’m trying to figure out what changed between this ride and all your previous ones.

I’m going to have one of our Support agents reach out to you via email to troubleshoot this issue for you. :smile:
Keep an eye out for that, and for any other users experiencing any issues, please don’t hesitate to email us at

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