Does anyone know how to edit ride TSS?

Does anyone know how to edit the TSS of a ride? What happened this morning was my power meter just stopped working after ten minutes and consequently when the ride uploaded to TrainerRoad it only gave me 14 TSS. I just wanted to alter it to roughly what I average on this ride, it’s a commute I do regularly. I have tried to edit it on the webpage of TrainerRoad but all I get is the option to edit the ride name and my ftp?

Hey TitanicClown,

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to edit the TSS of a ride manually at this time. What you can do, however, is add a manual entry ride that adds the offset TSS needed. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Go to Calendar
  2. Click on the tile for today’s date
  3. Add an “Other” workout
  4. Select “Bike” as the Workout Type
  5. Title it something like “Commute TSS Offset”
  6. Select 1 second for the Duration
  7. Select “Custom” for intensity
  8. Manually enter the extra TSS needed

Sorry about the somewhat clunky workaround, we may revisit the possibility of adding functionality here in the future.


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This is something I’d like to see as well. Any progress on this possibility without the workaround?

I’ll give that a shot, too. I simulate the workouts on hotel (usually LifeFitness) bikes. Use the app to manually adjust the bike to follow the ride. I put a Wahoo cadence sensor on my sneaker and wear a Tickr HR monitor, so I get that data. Be nice to be able to manually add TSS.

yes also would like to have this feature too, today my power meter seemed to loose connection with my Wahoo so lost a good 30-45 mins power data…easy enough to work around though as Nate suggests.

As of now, we do not have plans to give the ability to edit TSS directly in the workout without the workaround. Our Developers have been focused on the re-design of the desktop app, and will be shifting focus to the mobile apps in immediate future. I will be sure to pass this suggestion onto the team for consideration as resources free up :+1:


Just came to this answer today after having my PM run out of battery for the last hour of a training ride. Will use your workaround but I wondered with the new ML stuff for estimating TSS for HR whether it might be possible to get some sort of functionality to allow for estimation of the remaining TSS from the HR data? seemed to give me a sensible ‘Load’ estimate with the same data whilst TR ignored the last hour of effort as the power data was zero. Thanks!