Outside workouts on a 1040

I’m sure there’s an IQ app for it but I can’t find it.

I’m hoping for a simple tile that shows the target watts. Not an arrow, not my average just what I aiming for.

The primary target says if it’s too much or too little but that doesn’t help knowing what I should do.

840 is a smaller 1040. This is what I see when feeding workouts from TrainingPeaks (or Intervals.icu) where the workout has specified target ranges and cadence ranges:

Primary and Secondary Targets Circled

That is the default workout screen, where you can swipe and access pause & skip intervals forward/backward.

Workout in TP:

Target power/cadence ranges in TP is exactly what I see on Garmin 840 default workout screen. Same would be true if I had a 1040.

Ive added this Data Field to my 1030. I can’t remember what its like though as I prefer doing workouts on my 130+ or indoors as the 130+ fits on my TT bike better.

Target Power Range - Connect IQ Store | Free Watch Faces and Apps | Garmin

Might do the trick. Will give it a try.


??? it is already on your 1040, right?! Take a pic and post, did you miss it? If not, maybe it is because of what TR is feeding it… or you haven’t upgraded? Or you want a single number (??? why ???).

Because I really just wanted the numbers or at least the numbers being a bit larger/clearer. I have astigmatism so focusing isn’t always great. So although it has the target it could be easier for me to read.

Other option is to reduce the TR recommended fields to make them a bit larger.

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quick search Garmin IQ:


will get you a field like this:

middle row, on the left.

Guess I’m lucky because I’ve got astigmatism too, and no issues with 840. The 1040 is bigger and would have thought the extra pixels would be enough to use the default workout screen.

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