Outside workout accuracy

My last outside workout Citadel treshhold .
It is a flat road. How are yours in comparison ?
I am just thinking is it accurat enougg ? Can anybody make it much better ??

Are you asking if you power profile of the ride is good enough to match “Citadel”?

I’m not sure but I have the same issue, my outside rides look like saw blades

It probably takes a lot of practice to get to a point where they are more closely matched, I’ll keep practicing

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One of recent long suprathreshold workouts:

Note the slightly highlighted gray range around FTP line – don’t know about mobile app but on web app you can show it by clicking on corresponding zone line in “Power Zones” section below. As long as you mostly spend time within it, you follow general workout goal. Although there are exceptions, like for this workout, to be above FTP line (Mount Moriah)

And if you are intervals.icu user, it shows metric called Variability Index (VI) – closer to 1, the better (same workout):

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You guys are robots, I’m not even going to post my latest outdoor workout from this morning. You can see where the intervals are but that’s about it.

I still feel like I’m getting the desired benefit, as I’m spending the interval time with the right RPE, but the line is wiggly…

Oh, and whatever you do don’t look at @Jonathan’s outdoor graphs… honestly I can’t even match them indoors on a fluid trainer :grin: :grin: :cry:


It is not that hard where I live – over those 2 intervals (30km), there was just ~50m elevation and only one turn that fell into recovery period. Beside, I always do intervals with heavy but stable gravel bike, can’t surge too much even if I want to :slight_smile:


Your pacing looks fine, there are going to be larger spikes outside vs inside. The more you do outside workouts the better you get at keeping power even as well

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Garmin (well the 840) has this (which works for TR workouts based on my testing of. 1 last night):

Execution Score

Some Garmin Connect workouts have target zones, in which your ability to maintain a specific range of pace, power or another metric is measured. Your execution score tells you the percentage of time that you spent in the workout’s target zone. If you stayed in the zone for 30 minutes during a 60-minute workout, your score would be 50%.

@The_Cog has a reply in here which I think means, if ive read it right on this tiny phone wobbling on the train, that short term power fluctuations aren’t too important when it comes to triggering adaptions as long as you are mainly in the zone. I have been stuck on 184 FTP - #28 by The_Cog

yes and yes.

That’s lookin’ good! I’d say it’s accurate enough for sure. :slight_smile:

I think a good way to know if you’re on the right track is to compare your power data with the power graph of the workout once you’ve completed your ride. The warmup and cooldown might look a little different, but if the main set(s) of intervals seem to line up, that means you’re doing a good job getting the work done!