Outside route inside, can it be replicated on TR

I want to keep training for climbing this route in the SAN Gabriel mountains GMR, it’s not super long, though it takes me about an hour to summit to the Shack. I was wondering if there is any way this entire route can be replicated on TR workout creator. Here is the profile from Velo Viewer.

It this is possible what is the best way to do it. I kind of want workouts to represent what I’m actually riding outdoors, in especially mountains.


Thanks, created the workout. Looks like one big flat trainer Road workout at or above FTP for 44 minutes. That’s not going to happen on the trainer. I’ll just stick to the real thing

For climbs I find that like a 7 on standard mode is a good replication for gearing and cadence. Also depends on your weight and gradient. I find that the ability to produce power at different cadences has a lot more real world value than doing “simulated” efforts indoors.

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There are options to use a Garmin or Wahoo head unit to ride playback, that may be more what you want.

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