Create a Route on TrainerRoad from Strava

Good Morning All TrainRoad Friens,
I would have a very silly question.
I was invited to a 114KM memorial cycle in the hilly mountings of Wicklow.
I got the link from the Strava applications, with all the details as the distance, the climb ect… ect…
I own a Kickr 2018 and a climb.
I am wondering if I can replicate this on the TR by importing it and train with my kickr.
Sorry if this a crazy idea or a crazy question from a newbie.

Check out this route on Strava, The Gerry Keogh Memorial Mountain Challenge. Ready to explore some new territory?

Best Regards Lucsi

You can’t do it from Strava from what I can tell, but you def. can from Beat Bike Split. Just upload the route, make the power plan, and then you can export the route that can then be uploaded to TR for you to train on.

You only get a few exports with a free account, but it’s worth trying out!

Can’t you use your head unit (assume you have one given you own the Kickr and Climb) to simulate the route on the trainer. Then upload to Strava which in turn will sync to TrainerRoad?

Hello Ntdeck,
Many thanks for the reply Beat Bike split will allow you to import now the file bu will not allow to export to TR.
Thank you for the suggestion much appreciated, Best Regards Lucsi

Hello Mike,
Many thanks for your reply, I am not sure what you mean to use the head unit, The file i have was recorded by someone else i just got the file on strava and imported in a gpx file to the computer. I thought i can import this file to TR. Again i am sorry its sound a silly question but i never done this before. I tried 3rd party software but none worked without a account only demo’s. But again many thanks for the directions you provided. Best Regards Lucsi

Hi mate, what bike computer do you have? I have an Wahoo Elemnt Bolt and it supports the ability to import GPX, Strava and Komoot routes. I am sure most do. You can then replay these through your Kickr. The Elemnt, well companion app will then sync the ride to Strava. As you most likely know TR can import Strava rides.

@GPLama (hope you don’t mind me linking this Shane) has a good video on his YouTube channel on how to do this.
Re-riding a route indoors on a Smart Trainer


Hello Mike,
This is great, I will watch the process how to do it. I have Wahoo Elemnt. I never used my Head Unit Elemnt with the Kickr before i did not know is possible. Million thanks for your help. Best Regards Lucsi

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All good! Linking to my content is awesome. Thanks!