Simulate a specific hill in TrainerRoad

I have a smaller hill where I live I would like to simulate and train on my trainer to improve my PR on it. How do I set up Trainerroad in the best way to simulate the watts needed to improve. And even better if possible to simulate the changes in the profile. Any one that have a suggestion?

If it is just for example a 3 minute all out then you could just pick a workout that does that.

Otherwise put the GPS segment in best bike split. You can then create the power profile in the workout creator. I recall that there was also a way to export to TR or training peaks as a workout, but don’t remember exactly.

Thanks Schmidt. You are right about the all out.
GPS segment in best bike split? you mean to estimate the profile?

Have you got a garmin or wahoo by any chance? With a smart trainer?

IF so check out these. app ways Wahoo Garmin.

You can load it into an app or load it in to a garmin/wahoo and re-ride it through your head unit and smart trainer.

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Not sure you’re going about this the right way. To get better on that hill you don’t need to simulate it, you need to follow a plan which is going to improve your power for the necessary duration. Something like Short Power Build followed by the Crit Specialty if it’s a climb that’s less than 10 minutes. Those plans will increase the power you can sustain for that duration, you then just need to nail the pacing and gearing, and that’s best done outside on the hill itself.

Best bike split and maybe some Strava sleuthing can help you figure out what power you need to hit a specific time. But if you’re after a PR not a KOM then the easy answer is “more power than when you set the last PR”…


Thanks all. Its all about power :slight_smile:
I have problems with my WorkOut creator on my Mac anyone who have solved that?

Cartsman: Selected the Climbing Road Race plan :smiley:


Have you done a Base and Build? The Specialty plans are more about fine tuning fitness than building it.

yeah have made base but eventually i should do a second round on slightly higher ftp?!

Wouldn’t jump straight from Base to Specialty. Would either repeat Base at a higher FTP if you feel you need to build more base, or go to Build if you want a change of plan. Also depends on whether you have a timeline for hitting this PR. E.g. If the weather is bad where you are and this is winter training motivation for when the sun comes out in ~April, then use the Plan Builder to work backwards from that.


You are spot on regarding weather and timing living in southern part of Sweden.
I think I end up with Base Plan at this point at slightly higher level and higer FTP to try that out.
Great “talking” to you!
Happy new year

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Happy new year and good luck!

Great advice. Wahoo allow you to load routes and it simulates the gradient as if you were on that ride.