Outdoor riding numbers wahoo

Hey everybody,
first of all i have to say I love Trainerroad and I’m using it since the very beginning. On the other hand I use TrainingPeaks just to track my outdoor trainings and for workout creation and sending it to my wahoo elemnt. Thanks to the new outside ride feature I actually don’t need this any more.

But there is one strange behviour i don’t really like. In training i don’t care about my average speed but when I look at the numbers after a outdoor ride it seems that TR calculates my average speed wrong or let’s say way different than TrainingPeaks does. It seems TR adds all breaks to that number, red light, breaks and so on. Which gives me a very slow average speed.

As I said I don’t care about speed in training but I start thinking if there is something wrong with TSS, IF calcualtion as well, cause these are the numbers which matter to me :thinking:

This seems only to happen with my Wahoo Elemnt Bold, I sold my Garmin but I never experienced that issue with Garmin. When it comes to structured Training and routing the Wahoo is way better than Garmin but this is the only issue I’m facing right now.

Has anyone experienced the same issue?

cheers Chris

I’ve been using TR outdoor like you did (workouts via TP) have and on those my head unit will simply auto pause when not riding. I haven’t riden outside since the TR update but when you load a workout via TR, does the head unit still auto pause?

Hey PhydomiR,
yes my Headunit is on auto pause and it switches to auto pause as well, i checked that. But I think wahoo works different from Garmin, that’s what i heard. I’m not sure, i duiscussed that issue already with TR tech support they checked my numbers and agreed that this is a strange behaviour. I would like to push a bugfix here, cause i would like to use TR as the only software for my Training.

Therefore I’m interested if anyone is facing the same issue.


How do the TSS and IF numbers compare between TR, TP and Wahoo? If they’re all within a few % then I’d say it’s fine for tracking training and not worry about it. Speed is for Strava!

If you look at the TR power profile of an outside ride, you will see sections where the power is zero: going down hill, red lights, coffee stops and the like. You can have your Bolt set to auto pause – as I do – but the graph in TR still includes the zeroes. In other words, the difference in reporting practice is not simply related to speed.

You can see the effect in your reported average power numbers. Those reported in the Bolt are always higher than those reported by TR. The calculations based on these power numbers – IF and NP – will also be different between the two sources. TSS seems roughly comparable in my experience.

The TR logic seems to be that the zero power intervals are rests – equivalent to pausing an indoor workout – and so should be accounted for in calculating intensity-related numbers, such as NP and IF. So, veloheld76, you have two options: accept the logic of TR and use their numbers [remembering that TSS will be correct] or accept the calculations of Wahoo which ignore your rests. But you do have both sets of numbers to interpret what your ride was like.