Strava - TR discrepancy - what am I missing?

I uploaded an outdoor ride to Strava - 67.69M - 4:04:37

TrainerRoad has pulled it from Strava and assigned it to my calendar as 65.3M - 3:52:36

Not sure why - am I missing something?

Looks like a distance correction…

Not sure what you’re missing but I gain 1,000+ feet of elevation with TR pulls in my outdoor rides.

Same, elevation is always way overblown in TR

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Hi - not really concerned about elevation gains. It’s losing 2.3 miles and 12 minutes of a ride that’s worrying.

I think I may have worked it out. I have the Strava privacy exclusion zone set around my home - @Nate, when TR imports from Strava I assume it “respects” the exclusion zone?