Outdoor ride ai recognition

im doing a ride outdoors today. my scheduled threshold ride is a 3x12 over-unders. i live in a rolling hills area with very little flat. i think its going to be difficult to stick to the prescribed power for the workout. i do have a climb thats about 11minutes long so i can do the intervals. its everything leading up to and inbetween the intervals im not sure about. Is it better to send my workout to my head unit and give it a go or, should i not do that, just warm up in my own way and then do some hill repeats of the 11minute climb trying to execute overunders while im doing it, resting on the way down? If i do that along with deleting the prescribed ride, will Trainerroad AI pick that up and adjust my future workouts accordingly? ive never done a scheduled TR ride outdoors before. thank you

Your body won’t be able to tell the difference. :wink: My advice… keep it simple and crush the workout. In regards to TR you can change it to an “outside” ride if you want to keep it on the calendar.

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Hey there!

It sounds like it would be a good idea to try to knock out your 3x12 over-unders on that climb you have nearby.

We’d advise taking it easy on the way to and from the climb (Recovery or Endurance pace), and then getting into the “meat” of the workout on the climb itself.

Most of our Outside Workouts have a wide power target as warmups at the beginning of the workout, so you can increase your power gradually to get your legs going as you work into the training session.

If the climb is a bit farther away than the default warmup, you could choose to ride out to the hill and then load up your TR workout on your head unit once you’re there and ready to start (this is what I often do myself).

Then, once you’re at the climb, try to stick to your power targets as best as you can. It may not be ERG mode smooth, but your power graph should still resemble the profile of the workout graph when you’re done. If you overlaid the power data to the original workout profile, they’d ideally look as close as possible to each other.

Once you complete an interval, just take it easy going back down the hill and maybe spin around back and forth near the climb if you have an extra couple minutes before starting your next effort.

We’d recommend changing your TR workout to “Outside” and allowing your ride file to associate itself with the Outside Workout, which will then give you credit towards your Adaptive Training progressions.

Here are a couple more articles that may be useful:

Hope this helps! Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions.