Out With the Flu For a Week

I just recently got finished SSBM-2 with a ftp bump to 259 (3.97 watt per kg). Only problem is that I spent the last week with the flu and unable to train. I am now back to 90% and capable of training again.

My question is should I do a few easy rides at IF .70 ish for a week before starting a short power/ general build phase? I would love to go right into my build phase but unsure if that’s a good thing to do.

I would recommend taking time to feel 100% before jumping into the Build Phase if your schedule will allow for it. When coming back from an illness, your body is worn down from trying to heal itself, so dosing yourself with a heavy amount of training stress right away can lead you to get sick again, or at the very least will make it harder for you to recover from the training stress you’re putting yourself through.

So if you have the time to get back to 100%, that would be my recommendation :+1: