Coming back from a major flu

I was off the bike with a major Flu for 2 weeks, and I only had couple weeks left in SSB2. On the third week I felt that I was over the Flu, so I tried some easy workouts such as Pettit, Dans, Bald Knob and Andrews. The first three workouts felt okay, but Andrews really wiped me out. Consequently, I decided to take 1.5 weeks completely off the bike. Last week, I did Dans, Pettit and Andrews, and I felt good even though Andrews made my legs a bit sore due to being off the bike for so long. After couple days of rest I did the ramp test this morning, and I lost about 8% of my FTP. This means I am back to where I started at the beginning of SSB1. I read the TR recommendations about how to restart training when coming back from an illness, and accordingly I guess I should redo SSB2 as I was off track for about 5 weeks; however, considering how long I was off of training and with the FTP back to being what it was when I started TR end of last year should I restart from SSB1 again??? That would mean I may end up peaking late in the summer–missing most of the races. Or, should I do the ramp test each week, and adjust accordingly. What would be the best course of action?

See entry #7 here…personally, it might make more sense to re-assess and start over

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Thank you for the reply and link. Yes, I read that TR webpage before posting this thread. According to that TR recommendation I should restart SSB2, but when you suggest to re-assess do you mean restart from SSB1 ?

5 weeks seems like an eternity but if your training was solid up to the point of being off the bike, I’d be inclined to start over with SSB2 and make sure you do the ramp test. With any luck, you’ll start bouncing back in short order and then increase the intensity during the workout until the next assessment.

FWIW - I was down with the flu for only a week last winter and it took me a solid 3-4 weeks to get everything back in order again. I took it easy the first week post-illness then picked up from where I left off.

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sounds good, thanks!

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I had a similar period of illness off the bike.
I tried to get back where I left off but it was obvious I was kidding myself.
So, rather gutting, I retested and got a much lower FTP and started back on SSB1.
Whilst I felt rather embarrassed to be recording such ‘low’ numbers I thought it wold come back quickly and whilst I’m not completely back to previous levels, I am making good progress and looking forward to starting SSB2 in a couple of weeks.

In short, starting back at the beginning, worked well for me. Best wishes for your recovery!