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Any other platforms that have great ERG mode, training plans and allow one to watch Netflix on the same screen? My set-up is a laptop on a small desk. I don’t have room for an IPAd too.

I’ve been with TR for so long that I have never tried anything else.


I used perfpro for a long time in college. It’s got a built in multimedia stream and it’s great for multiple trainers. Their analyzer is also a really good program although takes a bit of a learning curve. There is a LOT of data analytics and there’s a good enough calendar function where you can schedule your own stuff.

It’s a standalone software so no monthly subscription. But there isn’t really a training plan other than user uploaded items. It’s a good DIY system like the golden cheetah of trainingpeaks

Can you not either just minimise the TR window (is there not a minimise mode anymore?), or run TR on your phone? Seems a bit strange to wanting to use another platform just so you can have the full screen for netflix. I can’t see how this can be different with any other platform - you either have two windows on the same screen, use two different screens/devices, or have to hide one window befind the other. Not sure how there can be any other solution?

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I would do the same as Splash and just minimize TR. Another solution would be using a folding music stand for your iPad.

I currently minimize. I’m just anticipating worst case scenario and I drop TR (member since 2014). I don’t want to quit TR but if Zwift acquires it and training becomes a game I’m out of there.

TrainerDay - but it does require a mobile device

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My Wahoo is only ANT, it’s one of the first ones too. TR and the Kickr have been sold and now I may be forced to change.


Xert is really good, and was the pioneer platform in terms of adaptive training. The thing I didn’t like about it though was it gave me too much choice in terms of what workout to do. They don’t have training plans as such - every day is similar to TR’s “Train Now”, but with loooads of workouts to choose from. I tended to regularly wuss out and pick the lower intensity workouts a bit too regularly…
Great science, but the application (and app) could do with some polish. Big learning curve, too.
So not perfect for me, but it’s fantastic for a lot of people!


I haven’t tested it for this, but the Kurt Kinetic Fit app might be just the ticket.

EDIT: Moreso the ERG control than the plans, to be clear.

I sometimes use my Wahoo head unit to control the Kickr with my workout from TrainingPeaks loaded. Then you can use your computer for whatever the heck you want.

Edit: I don’t know what you’re running… setup is unclear… but there are literally dozens of different ways to load workouts and run a trainer in Erg mode. From third party apps like TR, Zwift, Xert, etc., to loading it on your compatible head unit, to a combination of the two. As I’m probably not renewing my TR membership when it expires (nothing to do with anything, just not using the plans or workouts much anymore), I’ve been loading TP workouts via Zwift, TR and just on the head unit lately… all work just fine.


If I remember correctly you can do workouts within RGT in ERG. I think I selected it once and I think it seemed to be more forgiving than TR at the time.

Have you considered using your phone for TR (or whatever you want to try)? I find that this works much better than trying to do two things at once on the same device.

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Yep, this is what I do. I have one of those trainer desks with a slot for a device; phone goes in the slot with TR, tablet goes on top of desk with video streaming app.

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I run TrainerRoad on my phone and stream tv/movies on my laptop. Works perfectly.

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Yep, me too. When I do it, phone is TR, AppleTV is Zwift or other entertainment

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Yes. I use Trainerroad.

Works well!

I think I stated my original question wrong. I don’t have any issues with TR now, it works perfectly. I have a Mac laptop with an ANT dongle running to the Kickr (it’s a 2014 model, only ANT+). I minimize TR and watch movies on the laptop. I was just wondering if there are any other apps out there like TR that have a simple interface and allow one to stream while doing the workout. If TR is bought by Zwift and they get rid of the simple interface I don’t want to have to game my workouts.

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Zwift would be crazy to get rid of the TR app if they did aquire TR.

I still think that the most likely thing to happen is that TR are thinking of liciencing some training content to zwift - not a full on merger.

If the TR app did disapear I’d probably use my garmin head unit to control my trainer.