Apple TV & TR app plans? (Feature Request)

Anyone else really want an Apple TV app for TrainerRoad? It would be great to have a simple box always ready and cleanly mounted on the wall.


Add my +1

Although I’ve thought about just having a Mac mini connected to a TV


really like using my iPhone for tracking workouts, while using Apple TV for entertainment. And there is a limitation on number of Bluetooth devices, as explained in a DCRainmaker article.

Can’t get excited unless there was some way of an app recording workout while still being able to switch between Youtube videos, NBCSports Gold, several music apps, podcast app, and last but not least my streaming TV app. And I don’t believe that is possible.


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Well…I went though the effort :rofl:

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How about something like this? Been using it for about two months. It is fully dedicated to my indoor training. Had a few quirks with the new desktop app as it was going from beta to final production but overall I am happy with it. Better than running TrainerRoad on one tablet and YouTube on another, which is what I was doing before. I was going to share a full build breakdown but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Let me know if you want more details. Thought I had a good pic running TrainerRoad in minimized mode but it’s on my old phone.

If you’ve got an apple tv you could always mirror TR to the apple tv with any of the devices capable of that. I don’t usually do that for trainer apps but I mirror my iphone and macbook to the appletv all the time to watch a video quickly.


I often use an Apple TV version of Zwift and… honestly… it’s awful. The Apple TV remote works great for selecting channels and voice control on the TV app but when it comes to complex UI it falls on its face. Selecting buttons is a nightmare and simple things like clicking take 3 tries with the touch scroller on the remote.

Apple TV also has a Bluetooth connection limit of 3 (the apple remote takes 1 of those). Zwift created a Bluetooth bridge within their companion app to deal with this issue. If TR did the same thing it would kind of make the Apple TV app moot because if you have to have an iPhone app open anyway then a user may as well just airplay the current app, no? I use my laptop/iPad and airplay it to the Apple TV with great success.

If this were to happen, I think it would need enough market share to warrant a redesign and not just a direct port to the platform, like Zwift. It’s like when you make an app and then use it on an iPad only to realize that the team needed to consider the platform before the coding started. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done. I’m just pointing out what I consider to be the major obstacle in the hopes that it’ll be considered.



For workouts mirroring works just fine for me. A native tvOS app would only make sense if i could play my music from there as well.

What box is that?

It is an Azulle Byte3. It comes preloaded with Windows 10 and an optional remote with a full QWERTY keyboard. I think the Azulle Access will work just fine. That was what I was originally going to buy but decided to go with the Byte3 because it had a little bit more processor power and RAM I think. You can also add an internal hard drive if you’re into downloading movies or TV shows. I found for watching YouTube it works a lot better on Chrome than it does on Windows browser. It has enough resources to do what I need it to do so I am happy.

I have an old one and have tried using it and Zwift at the same time and the Zwift graphics were pretty horrible but that is a solution for this. Thanks!

Nice have you tried Zwift with it?

I have not tried Zwift on it.

You can play music in the background on the Apple TV while another app is foremost. This is how I use Zwift on Apple TV. You either go to the music app first and start it playing your playlist/album, or you can at any time use your iPhone to tell the Apple TV which music to start playing, or to change tracks etc during a set.


I did not know that, thanks!

I know that this isn’t likely anyone on their radar and they’ve said they have no plans for it but I’d just like to bump the AppleTV feature request. Since using Zwift, I’ve moved to an AppleTV as my dedicated pain-cave “computer.” I just renewed my TR subscription and will try casting from my iPhone but I’d rather just have an app on my TV, so +1 to an Apple TV app. I know it’s not insignificant work and won’t hold my breath but just wanted to add my $0.02.


Thank you for the nudge! Will pass along to the team to see if we can get this on the roadmap after we finish some higher priority fixes and updates! :raised_hands: