What is your preferred screen, TV, iPad, Laptop, or phone?

New here and in the beginning of setting up the “Pain Lab”. Going to give the H3 a try, but know little about how to view TR or Zwift and the setup. I’m guessing if I use a smart TV, then I can stream either from the phone app?!

I have a smart tv in front of my trainer (Apple TV and monitor actually) but I prefer to use that for entertainment while an iPad handles TR.

Edit: for Zwift I imagine you’d want that on the TV. Depending on your phone and TV models you may be able to stream/cast to your TV… Apple TV has a Zwift app so that’s pretty ideal IMO.


Options for mixing TR and Z:

In general, if you are looking at the “distraction” aspect, bigger is better. I have a 40" screen with Zwift running most of the time. On the longer Endurance rides, I also watch movies or ride videos from YouTube.

I run TR on the same PC either tucked at the bottom, or shifted to my smaller 24" secondary screen. Or I run the app on my phone. I switch up depending on what I am doing.

I think it’s best to use two devices if you want to run TR with anything else. So having a way to dump the entertainment (assuming video) up to a larger screen is nice.

TR on my phone (do you need anything larger?) plus a laptop for entertainment / music

Larger for Zwift…I’m thinking!

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Well now that’s an immersive setup! The Trail Mix box mod is especially intriguing (exhaust?)!

So, you run Zwift through your PC and stream to the TV or do you go through Apple TV?

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Depends on what you have honestly. I use an old imac and an old plasma TV.

On the top (tv) I have Netflix or regular tv and on the bottom (imac) I have TR workout. Something like below. On top I have zwift when I was sub there but cancelled that a couple months back. With this setup I do use 2 ant+ sticks and one usb extender cable.

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Ha, yeah. I have a couple of boxes (one hiding better in matte black paint next to the upper, yellow fan. Both are dampers and ducts to control the air from the window. I can modulate temp and flow through both fans to really dial in my cooling in nearly any weather.

Zwift runs via a Windows gaming PC, via HDMI connection PC to TV.

  • I sometimes run TR via the same PC (with two ANT+ sticks, per the guide above) so I can see the ride instructions on screen while Zwifting.

  • Alternately, sometimes I run TR on my phone (as shown on the aero bars in the pics above) to just have it running and not take anything from the other 2 screens.

iPad for both TRand Zwift. Have one of those bendy arm holders.

iPad for TR, phone for music and general distraction from the pain.

Bonus points for Disaster -2 hiding on the bottom :stuck_out_tongue:

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Old 40” TV connected to Apple TV for entertainment. TrainerRoad app on my phone for controlling the Kickr.

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What’s the cable lock on the drops, a reminder for something?

We forget and leave the (rear) garage door open and there have been bike thefts in the area. So I lock the bike to the workbench.


Good call, and too bad you have to take that measure :frowning:

Duck couples are trying to setup “house” in our pool, and its my job to run outside and scare them away ever since my VP security (dog) left this world. So this time of year the garage door is open several days a week as they will often fly away and come back within the hour. Had a bike stolen in the 80s while in “the arctic tundra” of Northern Michigan population 15,000, and another one stolen from my garage in the 90s while in the Bay Area. It can happen anywhere.

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Funny, (even if not true):

I had a my first MTB stolen while in college at Bozeman. Amazing how bad a relatively “small” theft can really feel (it was a $400 Schwinn is all, from 1992 and I already had a new Stumpy that replaced it, but it still stung).

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I used to have a dedicated room for my trainer with a 32" Smart TV on the wall and would run TR on my laptop, could watch what ever I wanted to on the TV or mirror the laptop screen on the TV. I recently moved out of that room so my wife could do her kickboxing in there since her gym closed due to the quarantine.

I moved into the living room and just have the laptop now.


Hahaha. Did not even nice.

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I like to have TR and Zwift on the same screen so the coaching comments show up over the middle of the Zwift screen. I run Zwift on the top 4/5 of my MacBook with TR minimized on the bottom and then broadcast to an Apple TV attached to a 55” monitor.

However, I gave up Zwift and now just watch Netflix. I run TR on my iPhone with a quadlock on the bars. That’s a recommendation for AirPods Pro btw. They allow me to hear the dialog over my fans, which I could never do before with other in-ear headphones.