Canyon Endurace 12 Speed Disc + Tacx Neo 2 Trainer - Cassette Question

Hi All - I bought a new bike (cheers!) and it’s a 12 speed + disc brakes (Canyon Endurace + Ultegra Di2). My smart trainer that I’ve been using for my prior bike is the Tacx Neo 2 with a 10 speed cassette installed.

  1. Any Canyon Endurace CF SLX owners with issues using the Tacx Neo 2? The thru axle size seems supported w/ 12 x 142mm. But what about a 12 speed on the Neo 2? Any spacers or adjustments needed w/ disc brakes?

  2. If I plan to just be on erg mode, will I need to replace the 10 speed cassette? For those who are more familiar with bike mechanicals, is this advisable, or should I change the cassette?

Thanks all!

Bump in case anyone has helpful insights or experience…

Here is some compatibility information:

Always run a cassette that is compatible with your drivetrain on the trainer, as well. Even if you’re just using ERG.

One tip is to also use the same gearing on the cassette as you do outside, makes life a bit easier if you were to use your trainer or such to measure up new chains and the likes!

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Can’t speak for the Tacx but I’m unable to use my 12s Di2 (Canyon Ultimate) on my Hammer H3.

There was a bit of initial confusion as the Shimano 12s is supposed to be backward compatible with 11s freehub but Saris (Hammer mfg) used a third party for their freehubs and they aren’t 12s compliant. At least I think that’s how the story went. No clue if this is the case with Garmin/Tacx but thought I’d share in case it’s helpful.

Wow that sucks. Did you find a workaround? I’m surprised because i would think you’d be able to find a gear combo that would work for the chain length you have…

Yeah, my workaround was to ride more outdoors and keep my old bike with 11s for the trainer.

it’s not a chain length issue but rather not enough space on the H3 freehub to fit all 12 cogs and get the locking nut to thread on.

Ah, I see you wanted to change the cassette but didnt’ fit. Haha good solution to keep one dedicated on the trainer though.

Thanks @Dubadai. That seems the clearest solution. Was just wondering if there’s a workaround instead of having to get another 12-speed casssette and then not being compatible with 2 different bikes.

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