Tires for Oregon Trail 5 day gravel race

Hi, I’m looking for advice or just some reassurance. Let me start by saying that I have been doing gravel for 6 years and have used a lot of different tires and tire widths.
I plan to run 700c wheels for the race.
My current favourite tire is the G One RS in a 45. Ran them last year in a 40 in Ontario Canada, and this year moved to a 45. I drink the Dylan Johnston Cool Aid and definitely think that wider tires are better.

As I am coming form Toronto, Canada for the race, I have no idea about the gravel out in Oregan. Based on the picture it looks kind of smooth.

I purchased 44 WTB Raddlers to run for my early season races with mud and to use for the Oregon Trail race.

Based on the route that was recently released for the race, looks like stage 1 and 2 are fairly flat. Stage 3 is a time Trial up and down, stage 4 and 5 looks to have a lot more climbing and some single track.

My concern is that running the Schwalber G-one RS, the grip is not that great in chunky gravel.
I have a local gravel loop, and there is one small climb with very small but chunky gravel rocks and it is much harder to climb that compared to the WTB Radler.

My initial plan is to take the G-One Rs use for stages one and 2, and then swap to the Raddler for the remainder of the stages.

The feel and the speel of the RS is so much better than the Raddler.

I am just an age grouper, not expecting any results. This is a very big event for me, and I kind of want the best experience.
I am most probably overthinking it.
The fact that the RS won Unbound in a 40 in 2022, but the pros are different to us mortals.

Thanks Gary the overthinking gravel racer.

If the course is similar to previous years, there is lots of sand. I would go as wide as you want.

Hello Gary the overthinking gravel racer :man_mountain_biking:

So cool you’ll be racing out in Oregon! I like wider tires as well haha.

I think there are a few things to consider:

  1. The wheather when you get there. If it’s dry and fast then the Schwalber G-one RS makes sense. If it’s chunky then you’ll definitely want the WTB Radler.

  2. Your riding skills. A lot of the time a tire may be faster but you’ll have to complement it with your skills on the bike. It sounds like you’ve ridden the G One RS a lot so you’re probably fine running either, but if ever in doubt I’d go with more tread :laughing:

  3. Which one will take the beating best for each stage. As you’re not expecting any results, I would also think about what the safest choice is in terms of getting flats and stuff. There’s nothing worse than risking it with a faster/lighter tire and getting flats.

Good luck!


Hi Caro

Thanks for the reply. After looking at last years pics, it just might not be worth it to go with the G one RS, seems to be a lot of sand and some stuff that needs some traction. Will take the G one RS as backup.

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I have not done that event, but I have ridden a lot in some of those areas. There is a big difference in gravel on the west side of the cascades vs the east, and this event covers both. The west side are roads that covered in crushed gravel when built. They tend to be faster and smoother, but will still have washboards. Also the west side is steeper. The eastside has a lot more sand and moondust, but is generally less steep. Even in Sisters last weekend for Cascade gravel, there were sections that were looser than I prefer. Personally I would go with the widest, fastest rolling tire you can fit. On the east side you’ll want durable sidewalls and flotation. On the west side, fast rolling and side knobs for steering.

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nice call!! Let us know how it goes!