(r)TSS TrainingPeaks vs Trainerroad

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I’m out of the subscription for summer so can’t check it myself, but maybe someone would help me here: does Trainerroad give the same TSS score for running workouts in the calendar as TrainingPeaks rTSS?

I assume for cycling workouts it would be exactly the same (assuming for both platforms the same personal values (weight, height, FTP, maxHR) were provided.

We do not use hrTSS at this time. For both cycling and running, all you need to do is input your percieved intensity and duration of our workout, and we will estimate the TSS for the effort.

While this is the standard procedure, can override our estimate and enter the value straight from Training Peaks if you prefer.

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No, but I just use hrTSS from Training Peaks for my runs and non-power meter rides. The option is there to select a “custom” TSS rather than use RPE in TrainerRoad.


Thanks both, that helps.

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