Oops! Something Went Wrong

Getting this message consistently when attempting to use Plan Builder in the web browser. Android app is wonky too, but in a different way as it allows me to complete the plan, but schedules 3 bike workouts in a day (all week). Anyone else having issues? I opened a support ticket, but just curious.

What message would that be?


Literally “OOPS, Something went wrong.”

Might include “Looks like we’ve taken a spill.” the times I’ve had a similar error.

The one in the title :grin:.


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Looks like the web version is out of date busted, and TR has not done anything in last few months to fix it.
Probably too focused on getting new Adaptive Training out on iOS first.

Hi! Can you be more specific as to where you saw an error message/what action you were taking on the web app that threw an error message? We definitely try to stay on top of web fixes like this. Thanks!

The last case was when I started with a no training plans active. But still had several events in future. Then walked through plan builder in web application.

  • Training plans
  • Build your plan
  • Hours (6-9)
  • Volume (Mid)
  • Experience (Expert)
  • Start Date 7/26/2021 - After current A event
  • Include Existing Events
  • Schedule (choose days) - Review Plan

Something went wrong.

Same steps work on Android application, looks like a backend problem

Good news! There is sometimes an error that gets thrown because of swim workout duration, but the team fixed your account and you should be good to go!!
Let us know if you still have trouble. :v:

I’ve been getting an “Ouch! We’ve taken a nasty spill!” Message when trying to access TR’s landing page.

I have had this happen with some regularity after hitting “Analyze” after completing workouts. Using TR on Android phone.

Oh no! Definitely get in touch with the team at support@trainerroad.com so they can see what’s up based upon the version you’re on, what actionable items are leading to that error message, etc.
Thanks in advance!

Support fixed the one off case.
It seems the web version of planner is buggier than the phone version.