Warning if Calendar not loading via webpage

Anyone else getting the following error message when trying to load their calendar using the TR webpage? " Ouch! We’ve taken a nasty spill!"

I can access it on the app, however. I Emailed support and they haven’t been able to fix it yet, but they did try this:

"Thank you for getting back in touch - sorry about that, I completely forgot to mention that one of the fixes that we’ve tried was to delete your plan and then rebuild it in the calendar.

Would you let me know which plan you were on (volume, experience level, and specialty) and I’ll go ahead and rebuild it for you.

My apologies and look forward to hearing from you!"

So my tailored plan builder plan, including where I have swapped out individual workouts from what it suggested is all gone, and replaced with some other random plan.

Just be careful if you are experiencing a similar problem

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