App and site down? [ ✅ Resolved]

I’ve been trying for a bit but I get a runtime error on the website and the app won’t log in. Or is it just me?

App and site are down for me too.

Me too. I was just about to start a workout too.

Just finished ride and app crashed; didn’t allow me to rate

Doesn’t count. I guess you have to do it again. :wink:


Me too. Desktop calendar shows an error. Android app is kinda working, but gives an error when trying to add a workout to the calendar.

Same - app and site on both iOS and Windows.

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yup. well, some people at TR are no doubt working like demons on this.


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uh oh. someone forgot to update the .NET runtime on the production server…

Back up for me

Up for me now too. That was mercifully brief. Kudos to the TR web team.

just finished the hardest workout of my life (not really tho) and it is gone, like it never happened. if i had not spent time adding notes it would have been uploaded

All hope may not be lost. There might be a local fit file that support can help you recover. File a ticket. They’ve been super responsive & helpful to me in the past.


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Just did the latest update and now can’t get on the app page or the app to load, it just keeps saying unexpected error, is it just me?

Not just you. Me too. Website and app are both down for me.

@Dexvd, @tim_nh, we had a brief outage that should now be all sorted out. Shoot me a message if you’re still encountering any issues and I’ll be happy to take a deeper look.

I’m also merging this thread into another thread on this topic.

Seems to be OK now. Thx for the quick response to both the issue and the forum.

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Hey ya’ll, we had a brief outage that should now be all sorted out. Coach Chad was doing a workout so that may have caused it… :smile:

@RevNathan, drill into the ride (hit the ellipsis …) to update the survey response.

@tahoedan, I’ll shoot you a DM to get your account info to make sure we recover your ride.

For everyone else, shoot me a message if you’re still encountering issues. I’ll be happy to take a deeper look. Sorry for the troubles ya’ll!


Thx Nick; looks like my ride didn’t record either. Only Whorl so not a big deal but if u can find fit file that’d be great!