Calendar use with ipad

When I open in calendar/ipad my sceduled workout and want to see the detailed workout the app want me to open trainerroad online to view the detailed workout. That is very bad, I use trainerroad for at least a year and till last week the weekly overview of sceduled works were pretty good, pleas change to a better… as before.

Do you mean to see the detailed description of the workout? It works for me,. Which version are you using? Check if any update is pending on AppStore.

After complete new installation of the app. If I tapp in plans on the workout to get more info, a window open and ask if want to open in

Sorry about the change! We released our new Calendar feature primarily to the website, and we are still working on bringing the full functionality to the mobile and desktop apps. Because of the way the Calendar works, we weren’t able to keep the old view that you’re used to seeing in the app on your iPad.

I know you said you re-installed the app, but just to make sure that new app has downloaded correctly, would you mind making sure you’re on the version ending in ‘82238?’ You can see this info at the bottom of the ‘Support’ tab in the app. Next, I’d like to clarify a couple of things, if you click that link and log in to, you’ll still see all the details you were after.

Then, just select the workout back in the app to get started with your ride.
If you tap on a completed past workout to view more details, it will open that workout on a web page.
I promise we’ll have this all ironed out soon! If you have any other questions or issues, please let me know and include some screenshots so we can see exactly what’s happening! Thanks!