Oneplus 3t and ant+ problems and app crashing


This message is sent to TR support as well. Just hoping if I could get help from here faster.

I have been using TR app for few months without any problems.
I use Oneplus 3t that has built in Ant+ and BT with TR app to command my kickr core. It also connect to my Garmin ant+ HR and cadence sensor.

Last time I used the app on sunday and everything was fine. Today I opened the app and the app couldn’t find the HR or cadence via ant+.
I opened the ant+ tester on my phone. After this told me that everything is ok, I closed all the apps on my phone and after that I opened the TR app again. Now the app found Ant+ sensors.
Running the exersice minute or two the sensors disappeared. I stopped the workout to find out what is wrong.
Every time I open the ant+ tester it tells me that the “Built-in firmware: No service”. After refresh on the tester the firmware gives ok status and everything is ok but the TR looses the ant+ sensors really fast.

I reinstalled all ant+ plugins and files as well as removed the cache and memory on these. I also did the same on TR app.

Eventually I gave up and tried to ride the exercise with out ant+ and track my run with TR to BT and ant+ HR and Cadense to my Garmin Fenix 5 + just to get the data logged.
But then it gave my new problems. The app crashed mid workout twice. It has not happened before.

Since sunday I have not made any updates to my phone that should cause any problems.

Now it seems that I can’t pair my ant+ sensors to my TR app to get all the data on same program.

Depending on Android version I’d check whether batter optimisation is enabled. Also do you have any other apps open that could be grabbing the ANT+ handle (trainer/pm update utility?)

I have closed all the apps from my phone to make sure that only TR was open.

I have to check on the battery saver.

I looked at my phones battery optimation and edited all ant+ and TR related apps and changed them to “Don’t optimize”. This seemed to do the trick. At least ant+ seems to stay connected for a while.
Can’t test this with trainer right now but i’m hopefull.


This it something that our Support Team would be happy to help you out with! They have a lot of troubleshooting experience as well as tools that allow them to analyze your log files and see exactly what is going wrong in the case of a crash.

You can reach them at :+1:

Yes. I have contacted support already. And while they have been helping me with the crash logs didn’t seem to help this time.

Ant+ seems to be fixed now and we will now wait if the app will crash next time.

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Just as a follow-up. The ant+ problem was solved with changing the battery optimation and the app crashing seemed to be a one time incident.

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