TR android app crashing

My TR android keeps crashing fairly regularly on my Galaxy S10 which is kind of annoying during workouts.

Is this a common problem or does it have to do with my hardware?

The app just freezes completely and crashes after 1-2 minutes. Sometimes it freezes for 30 seconds but then runs just fine again.

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Maybe worth dropping a mail to

Ps. I havnt had any problems

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Yes, I have an S9 and same issues. Was told not to run any other apps which is not a great solution really. Try deleting and reinstalling, seemed to improve it a bit but yes, continues to happen.

Just an hour ago, while doing Galena, the TR app showed no connection with both the speed sensor and my powermeter. I am using Samsung A3 phone, good that I record my ride also with my Garmin. So no data is lost.
But that is a bit annoying and it is not the first time it happens…

I have been using Android for a long time regularly without any problem: right now on a red note 7 via bt (previously on other devices with ant+ usb key)
as an android developer let me say that, from my experience, samsung, smarthphones and also tablets , always cause problems due to their customizations

Yeah, I’ve had that too. Also on an A3 wih android 8.0. Because all my Ant+ devices dropped out at the same time, I think the Ant+ driver crashed. I could change connection of the trainer to bluetooth and kept going. A few minutes later Ant+ seemed to have recovered, because my PM and HR came back.

I’ve had quite a few dropouts in the last weeks, and never had a single one all of last year, since starting with TR. My suspicion is that some sort of update messed with the Ant+ driver.

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I ran away from Samsung a while ago. I have a Pixel2, and zero issues.

It really seems to be a Samsung specific Problem.

If you’re experiencing this issue, we would really appreciate it if you could reach out to our Support Team at so that we can take a closer look at what is going on here :+1:.