Ant+ drop-outs on Android phone

Hi guys! I am running TR on my Samsung Galaxy S8 and when I leave my training page during a ride (to change songs, check web browser, etc.) I occasionally lose my Ant+ connection. Sometimes for quite a while, or even the remainder of the ride. I run bluetooth as well, so that connects once the Ant+ drops out, but since my Garmin heart rate strap is Ant+, I lose heart rate data. Any idea what could be causing these drops when I leave the workout page?

Sounds like either TR or the Ant+ side aren’t running in the background properly maybe? Are you using your phone in power saving mode as this can restrict?

Not using power saving mode, no.

If you reach out to our Support Team at, we will be able to take a look at your log files and tell you exactly what is going on. Once we figure that out, we can help you with the steps needed to prevent this from happening in the future :+1:.