One minute 400 watt plus power drop off

Over the last 12 months I have struggled to get to 400 watts over a minute and get to 40 seconds and have nothing left.
Would sweet spot work gradually do this as i have been doing alot of sweetspot training during the last five months or do I just accept that at 66 one minute 400 watt efforts are gone…

If your goal is to improve your 400+ watt efforts, you’ll need to specifically train those high wattages. If you’ve been doing nothing but Sweet Spot Base, it is likely time to move onto a Build Plan.

The Short Power Build Plan is a great choice if you’d like to improve your ability to go very hard for a short period of time and improve your ability to stay above a 400 watt power target :slight_smile:


Never accept it. Ever.

Listen to @Bryce - short power build will gut you. It will also produce results. It will forever be my most hated/favorite TR plan.


Completely agree. Short Power Build takes no prisoners! The Crit specificity that I opted to follow afterward, seems like a rest period.