How do I keep these hard fought gains?

Riding and racing for almost 30 years so any gains I get are going to be tough. But…managed to go from 280 to 289 (~3.3 w/kg) in the last “3 week + 1 week recovery” short power build low volume supplemented with zone 2 rides to give me tss in the 500’s during the work week. I’m looking forward to busting out another 3 work weeks and 1 recovery and testing again. I’m a time trialist but short power build seemed to move my needle whereas sustained power just make me tired and cranky.

But how do we keep those gains? Where do you go after build when you don’t know when your big races are coming?

I’d say if after 30 years you found a 9 watt increase in 1 block…the obvious answer is keep doing the same thing.

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work on some other weaknesses that push that needle; slightly different duration, or higher intensity. you’re dead on, more athletes than not get tired and cranky from the same old sub threshold OVER and OVER again.

glad you found something that works!


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Just a quick update, finished short power build low volume with extra low intensity outdoor rides and ended up with 300w on the ramp test so super happy. Took my welcome recovery week then raced a TT at 292 watts for just 17:XX minutes. So…(a little disappointed but) overall really pleased with the short power build.

But…that sorta kicked my ass and I’m ready for a change. Would sweet spot base low volume + supplemental low intensity outdoor rides be a reasonable next step? I don’t want to lose my high end power but my most important races have been pushed to the fall and I can’t quick stomach more short power!


With your new higher FTP the sweet spot base will consolidate your Fitness. I have been getting an average 9 watts a month on this type of training then a final build phase gave me another 11 watts on Monday.

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