One long plan or multiple plans to train to climb alpe d'huez


I have just started with TR, as i am planing on going on a trip to cycle alp d’huez and climbs around the area in summer 2023

I have setup a adaptive plan from now until then. But was wondering if that is two long and should break it up into say one 52 week plan for 2022 and then up to the summer of 2023?

Very new to structured training so any help be great fully received.

Sounds like an awesome trip!!

Plan Builder should give you the optimal structure given the time available. In this case, probably 2-3 cycles of Sweet Spot Base followed by Sustained Power Build, before leading into a final SSB> SPB> Century cycle in 2023.

But this doesn’t really take account of the mental aspect, and that it is hard to stay focussed on a single training plan for 18 months. The best plan is not just what is “technically best” but the plan you can actually stick to. Working in some variety can help here.

Perhaps go with Sweet Spot Base then Sustained Power Build, which should take you into April 2022. Then try either Traditional Base or the Polarized plans, doing the longer endurance rides outside as the weather improves, while keeping the structured rides inside during the week. Regular longer (3-5 hour) zone 2 rides can really improve the aerobic base, and can be a lot more enjoyable when the weather is favorable. And perhaps some longer climbs that are accessible closer to home than Alpe du Huez to get the bike fit, gearing and nutrition all dialled. Or just dump the formal plans over summer 2022 and ride for enjoyment, while using Train Now to do targetted training rides mid week.

The normal Base> Build> Specialty cycle takes 28 weeks, so work backwards from your trip date in 2023 to start that in November. That probably leaves enough time for more base in Fall 2022, or just to work on a weakness.


I would add in at least a one or two week off period as a mental / physical break. Except for that, a single plan is fine.

In addition, be sure to make sure you have appropriate gearing given your fitness level (when you are closer to the trip). In addition, if you can, I’d practice riding long - over 30 minutes- climbs


Thank you for your reply’s