How to use TrainerRoad to prepare for Haute Route Dolomites

hello folks, hope you are doing great. I would like to get your thoughts on how to use TR to prepare for an event such as HR dolomites (3days).

I am planning to start later this month, the event will happen on june 2019 (approx 28w to go) The basic idea would be to start with sweet spot base, sustained power build and then climbing road race - mid volume during the week and complement with outdoor ridings on weekends.

I have 2y of cycling experience and I am around 4.2w/kg at this moment. I have some experience w/ one day events but never did multi day ones.

as of now the biggest concern I have is the hability to maintain high power output for long periods specially considering those caotic initial 30-40min where you are hanging on to keep up with the peloton, but this is based on the events I participated, surely there are a lot of other things to consider on these longer events

please share your thoughts and experiences!



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