On the rationalization of mixed training for running and cycling, non-triathlon

Right now I use trainerroad for indoor training and DISCIPLINE is Road Race, low volume. In the build phase, Monday VO2max for an hour, Wednesday SWEET SPOTS for an hour, Friday threshold training for an hour and a half, and Saturday and Sunday back at my parents’ house, unable to ride for training. Tuesday and Thursday would be interspersed with 1 hour or 90min of Z2 training.
Indoor ride training is all scheduled in the morning when I wake up.
Also, I run three times a week in order to improve my 5km running performance, threshold training, V02max training, and long distance on Sunday, but usually no more than 1 hour, due to scheduling, I will schedule VO2max training on Saturday and long easy runs on Sunday, and if the week is very intense and I feel fatigued I will drop Saturday’s training and just rest.
On top of that, I’ll play tennis with a friend on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings, which can be a bit high heart rate, but overall, the average heart rate is also zone 2, and basically I’ll play tennis for about two hours at a time.
What I’m inquiring about is whether the Z2 for cycling and the Z2 for running need to be just one type of exercise, and even some running books say that the vo2max is only recommended once a week, and that it’s just enough to stimulate the cardio, so do I just have to choose either running or biking.
Lastly, I’m almost at the end of the first phase of my trainerroad course, starting next month, basically Anaerobic for an hour on Monday, Anaerobic for an hour on Wednesday, and vo2max for 90min on Friday, and I don’t know of any other recommendations for overall weekly workouts, so please help me out, thanks!