"2 a day" rides/workouts, for triathletes

I think this may be aimed at triathletes or multisport athletes, but could be a broader question…

I’m looking to increase my ride volume over the winter, and am curious what people’s experience has been with doing this in the context of balancing that with other training (e.g. swimming and running). I currently swim 4 days a week, run 2 days a week, and ride 3 days a week (usually two 1-hr relatively intense sessions during the week in the evenings, and a 1.5-hr session on the weekend). I would like to add 2-3 rides per week, in the 30-60 min range each - and would probably want to keep it at Z1/Z2 intensity.

Based on my current work/life schedule, the best days to do that are on the mornings where I have my weeknight more intense ride workouts. The alternative could be that I move some stuff around (which wouldn’t be simple), but maybe combine that with my run or swim days.

Any experience and feedback on pros/cons of doing a 30-60 min Z1/Z2 ride ~9-12 hrs before a harder 1 hr workout (TSS in the 55-75 range), in contrast to only doing that hard workout on that day, and finding time on my swim/run days to get in that Z1/Z2 ride?

I’m trying to figure out how to juggle multiple sports after several years of run then cycling focus. It is hard!

I have really good bike fitness right now and am trying to add in running. In my case, adding a 30-60 min z1/z2 ride would not be much of an issue to still hit hard stuff later. I’d start by keeping it to 30 min z2 and see how it goes. Drop to z1 if you need to. Definitely want to fuel it all regardless. It will hit your fuel stores for sure.

Honestly, the hardest part is just the mental toll it takes on me to keep it all going and switch gears all the time. I just want to knock out a good workout and be done for the day. When I start wanting to add stuff like multiple workouts a day it gets to be stressful.

You didn’t ask for general advice, but 4 days a week swimming is a lot compared to the running and cycling. Especially the running. Of the 3, swimming has always had the highest overhead - there is a big time cost for me to get in 45-60 min swimming compared to the same amount cycling/running. Maybe it is a seasonal thing and you are trying to build bike / swim fitness. In that case I get it.

Thanks for the input. 4 days of swimming is a lot in terms of time, but I mostly do it because I love it and I find it therapeutic and relaxing, in addition to being a great training/fitness tool. I’d actually probably swim 7 days a week if I had easier access to a pool.

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