Movie recommendations for Wright Peak -1

Hey everyone! I will be tackling Wright Peak -1 for the first time this weekend. It will also be the biggest TSS I’ve tackled to date. Any recommendations for movies to keep the mind distracted? It needs to be something to keep me fired up for 2 hours!

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Ha ha - I did that a couple of months ago, slaughtered me.

I would choose something with a tragic drama - can you line this scene up with the final interval?



I’ve never been able to concentrate on movies during anything above endurance workouts. Race videos work well for me. This one, Matty Hayman’s heroic win at Paris-Roubaix 2016, is one of my favorites.


Haha @anon20047708! That is definitely one to watch, but perhaps on a slightly easier workout. I fear that the belly laughs might take me out of my zone :laughing:

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Perfect @JoeX, thanks! I am both excited and fearful of this workout… :grimacing:

I’ve never tried watching a race at the same time @BlueHeron :thinking: Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll be sure to give that one a try!

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I do Wright Peak every Tuesday and I always stick on the TR Race Analysis videos.

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For long Sweet Spot rides I like to cue up the main battle scenes from Infinity War and End Game.


There’s lots of films I could recommend but it’s mostly your personal preference.

I tend to watch action films or science fiction films. Normally something that I’ve seen before because I can’t keep my concentration up perfectly and sometimes a few minutes goes by without me noticing.

I nearly always put the subtitles on, and it’s weird sometimes realising what a character has said on screen is different to what’s subtitled.

If you have no new films to watch then I would highly recommend putting the director’s commentary on over the top of the film. It can be disconcerting to watch a film you know and hear how different it might have been in the edit room . I have just been rewatching Game of Thrones with the commentaries on and getting an actor’s or a director’s point of view has been interesting. And if I miss 5 minutes before I get back to it then no problem.


Blimey, thats commitment :+1:


I cannot do movies when doing work and actually get everything from the film. Put on a bike race and crank the tunes.


In January I did my first virtual century…Infinity War back-to-back with Endgame was the perfect length…and was outstanding run together!!


One of my favorite movies, plus best soundtrack of any movie ever made. Plus you only have to be semi coherent to follow the plot.


I’m dying for my kid’s to grow up just so that they can watch this - it’s a classic!

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If you’re going to torture yourself, might as well go all the way. You can take a glance every 10 minutes and understand the entire movie in those few seconds.



@Power13 @cnigro Could throw Thor Ragnarok into this mix, Immigrant Song would be a real lift at the end of the session!

@iamholland I think this might be a little too distracting! Thanks for the suggestions though!

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I still want a cut of Infinity War using Immigrant Song when Thor arrives in Wakanda and starts kicking ass.


It’s not a movie, but I’ve been watching La Casa de Papel / Money Heist (English speaking Netflix) and it’s awesome. I’m working on my Spanish language skills, so I watch in Spanish with Spanish subtitles, which occupies a lot of brain power. It has a lot of action that also helps keep my brain busy.
If you like heist movies, you will like this series and it has lots of hours to watch while you ride the trainer.


Do try to distract yourself. You’ll be a stronger cyclist if you pay attention to the effort.

Thanks for the advice @cloy26. I love listening to music when riding, but have done a couple of efforts with a movie to change things up a little. I’ve found that I tend to lose concentration on the movie, rather than the effort and switch off for the last few minutes of the last interval to really focus. That said, I’ve found that when your adrenaline pumps to a great soundtrack or action moment in a movie, it’s like a turbo boost!