Educational videos while on the turbo

Hi TR community,

as winter and another lockdown is around the corner (or already in place) hence more time is spent on the turbo I was wondering if you have any tips for educational (youtube) video channels. Not cycling/fitness specific more about science, maths, economics, philosophy and stuff like that. Or maybe online classes from certified universities and so on…

Thanks for any tips!

I’ve been watching lots of Discovery channels docs recently, back when the Discovery Channel wasn’t soap opera masquerading as education (I’m looking at you American Chopper and Ice Road Truckers). They’re all low definition non-widescreen but if you like planes or tanks pretty interesting.

Wings over Vietnam or Wings of the Red Star are I think the names.

Also interesting but short episodes/items is Forgotten Weapons by Gun Jesus (real name Ian you get why he’s known as Gun Jesus it you see him), it may sounds like a 'Merican wet dream but it’s more about the history, engineering and politics behind how they were designed.

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I like real life lore on YouTube, Vox is interesting too but definitely biased

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Can also watch these

I also like Joe Rogan podcasts especially with people
I’ve never heard of. He had a 2 hour one with a guy named Naval Ravikanth which was very interesting.

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Any tedX talks always good but since forced onto old rollers i’m just trying not to die… :slight_smile:

Actually listen to the podcasts as I used to listen during my commutes which no longer take place as working at home.

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If you have access, Nova is great

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Second World War in colour is very good.
the 15 part Vietnam documentary is excellent.

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