Newbie, FTP, Ramp Test, what to expect

Hi all, literally day 2 of my first TR training program, 3 month program, bike only for now until Mar. Did a ramp test day 1, 30 watts lower than my FTP in Zwift (223 vs. 192). Did my first workout today (Glassy) and felt like it was easy. So was Glassy a recovery session, or should I increase my FTP manually?

Also, my TR generated plan doesn’t have me Ramp Testing again until week 10 of the 13 week program. If I don’t change my FTP manually, will TR continue to base my program on the 192 FTP until week 10, or does TR adjust my FTP along the way?

Maybe I just suck at Ramp Testing?

Any help/advice is appreciated.


What program have you selected? Does not sound like the regular sweet spot base programs.

TR will not change your FTP behind the scenes but it will increase difficulty during the program. This is the progression of the program. Mainly this means you will spend more time in the same high zones as the program progresses.

My FTP was also higher on Zwift but in all honesty, the actual number does not matter, as long as the workouts are on the correct level.

The first workouts can feel quite easy but as the program progresses the difficulty will ramp up so don’t worry to much about it, trust the program.

Not a direct answer to your question. But here are some things I’ve learned using TR for 3 years.

And would also be curious what plan you are on if no ramp test for 10 weeks?!

Looks like you’re in a triathlon plan (or plan builder for triathlon more likely). Glassy isn’t easy at .78 IF, but it’s not that hard either. I think it’s likely your FTP is set a little low after the ramp test—many people don’t ramp test to their potential, although if your Zwift FTP test was a ramp test too I don’t know how to explain the difference.

Still, I’d stick with it for a few more workouts and if they still feel way too easy you can always re-test or just manually bump it up a little (either using the intensity adjustment within the workout or inputting a new FTP). Ramp tests don’t take a lot out of you so throwing one in doesn’t add a lot to your training volume.

Another option: choose a cycling base program. I assume the triathlon plans expect you to be running and swimming as well and dial back the volume and intensity to compensate, so if you’re just biking for three months a tri program might not be ideal.

Thx for your insights. I thought I put together a bike plan in the Plan Builder, maybe I chose tri mistakenly, I’ll go back to check. It’s all good, I’m aiming at triathlon long term anyway, just wanted to focus on the bike this winter.

Yea pick new plan, you will have to delete the plan from the start date, it will not delete any of your workouts completed, just new start date.

You can Ramp test any time you feel the efforts are getting too low. The other thing to remember is if New to Ramp test they can be difficult to get used to and you do get better at doing them. Make sure you have had a couple of rest days before attempting, mental readiness is important. Link below shows some tips. The main few are good music, aim to keep power up and cadence and aim to get past 19min 30 seconds.

Ramp Test Tips & Tricks

I also did an FTP test on zwift before switching over to TR.
Did SSB and the first workouts crushed me. I was able to finish them but with alot of backpaddeling and it felt way to intense for “just a sweetspot”. I retested on TR and got a lower number aswell ( about 5%) Maybe part of it was that i went into the second test with less rest, but also part of it was that the zwift test just had a faster ramp so it was like skipping some of the levels that are already taxing on the legs.
I just went with the new number and i think it was the right decision. The Training was hard but doable. Also it got easier and harder at the same time over time. The zones felt way easier after 6 weeks, but because of the progression of the plans it was still enough work because of the longer times for the intervalls.

So just give it a try and if it doesnt feel right you can still retest after a bit of recovery.