Offline, data files, internet us

Did offline workout (1.25 hours), synced workout with trainer road website, and the data is still transferring about 5 hours later. Currently, 1.73 GB have been transferred. This seems a bit much.

Also, I notice that trainer road sucks up a fair amount of internet bandwidth on a DSL connection. Enough that it makes it unusable for anyone else in the household.

Current internet usage is untenable with a working household.

Any thoughts or experience with this ?


Part 2 Saga : Closed Trainer road app on mac, reopened Trainer road, resync’d ride and it was done in a few minutes (transferred 22.3 MB). Seems like a bug in the software. Used the activity monitor on a mac to look at internet usage Trainerroad helper was the culprit.

Anyone know were the data files are stored ?


Try giving the support guys a shout as they can probably answer your questions