Lost session this morning

I was about 10 minutes out from completing a two and three quarter hour session this morning when my device froze and i lost everything. Too ssy i am totally pissed is an understatement.

Contact https://support.trainerroad.com/hc/en-us/requests/new And they should be able to recover your workout and see what happened.

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Thanks, i sent an email earlier. Hopefully they csn sort it.

That has happened to me twice. I am prone to blame my “device” (laptop) rather than the app. Once, like yours, and once, just a couple days ago, on the very, very last “under”, right before the warmdown of Avalanche Spire.

But I’ve never lost anything. It seems that the app sends data to TrainerRoad servers on a fairly continual basis. After rebooting I could go back in, find those three dots next to the workout and chose “Continue workout”. That is a really, really nice feature.

I’ve been in touch with support, mostly to keep them informed. You might want to drop support a line, just so that they can see if there is a pattern.

But don’t forget “Continue workout”. They’ve go you covered.

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Stuff like this happens to all of us. When it happens to me, I try to remember that I didn’t “lose everything”. The point of these sessions is the work and the adaptations that make us faster. In that regard, you did the work, and that’s what really matters. With the advent of powermeters and the ability to collect tremendous amounts of data about our rides, sometimes we can think that the purpose of the ride is to collect and analyze that data file, post it to Strava or TR or wherever, but that’s just not true. It’s not worth getting pissed about, IMO, when you remember that the work is what mattered.

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I hope I didn’t get the impression I was pissed. I certainly wasn’t. Now I did think, 45 seconds to the warmdown of Avalanche Spire … “why now?” I was pretty happy with my performance … and remained pretty happy. I just wrote to support in case they wanted to know. I told them that I didn’t expect they could do anything about it. Not enough information and just too many gremlins on the prowl out of their control. If anything, I’d suspect the drivers to Garmin’s ANT+ dongle on my laptop, not the app.

Just finished some kind of lake (Red Lake +8). I wouldn’t have minded a break to reboot my computer here in there. But it seems to only happen every other month. Nothing I can count on.

To clarify, I was responding to the OP, who said he was “totally pissed”.

Trainerroad staff are awesome. Got back to me this evening and they have restored my ride, and given tips how to avoid it in future.

When you’re working to a strict training program and relying on tss and IF so your coach can work out your program it makes it frustrating when things like this happen. Also i don’t enjoy doing long rides on the turbo, so for it to freeze before completion is again frustrating. May i suggest you try walking in someone else’s shoes before offering up your pearls of wisdom. Just saying.

I’ve definitely walked in your shoes before and, yep, I know it’s frustrating. I’m sure your coach would’ve been fine. Sorry you had a rough go of it, and glad TR helped you out.

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