Imported Ride looks weird

So I went on a group ride today. I had saved one half of the ride and then started another ride so ended up with two files. Also, we did take a rest stop and I forgot my cycling computer running so for some reason it had me moving around at a really slow speed then. So when i got home, I downloaded the original files and then deleted them everywhere. I combined the two files and removed the part where I wasn’t riding. Uploading the file back worked on Strava and it shows 2.5 hours total moving time and the right average speed and power. On Trainerroad it is using 3 hours for total moving time ( Using the rest period as part of the averages). Any fix to this?
Here is the ride:

Also any suggestions about what to do with progressions and career? Should I just take out one of my training rides? I presume I will need to manually choose appropriate training rides because I won’t be given credit for these?

TrainerRoad is probably calculating total time off of the time stamps. If that is the case, the only fix would be to go into the file and manually edit the time stamps, which would be a royal pain in the ass

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