Official "Pay it forward" Equipment Thread


Size is 175mm, that would have been useful information for me to include. I made a mistake and ruined my left crank. I was thinking maybe someone installed a left side power meter and no longer needs there’s.


Pair of Vittoria multi-way valves that came with Air-Liners:

Too shallow for my 50+mm deep wheels.

Shipping to USA only.

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Can I nab these? I had a valve core break off in one recently and no patience to extract it.


You got ‘em. Send me a private message with address and I’ll drop them in the mail.


I have a basically new KOM rocker plate that I didn’t get along with. It’s free to any Bay Area peeps that want to come and get it (I’m in Redwood City). If you’re interested, DM me to arrange the handoff.


If willing to ship, I would be interested. I know you said pickup

Yeah, it’s way too big to bother with shipping it. Pickup only.

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Thank you!

Topeak P02S Saddle bag. Little dirty (it’s been in the garage) but otherwise fine. It’s way too big for me. Just asking $5 for shipping in US.

Edited since the Toupe saddle has been spoken for :face_with_monocle:

Saddle bags are gone!

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Topeak P04S saddle bag. You need the clamp to use (it’s $8 on Amazon)…I lost the clamp but you’re welcome to the bag. Will ship in US.

This should be the clamp…

Topeak F25 Wedge Pack Fixer, Black

Saddle bag is gone! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry, couldn’t figure out how to do a DM, but if it’s still available, I can pick it up on Saturday.



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FYI, new users (something less than 5 comments?) can’t initial DM’s. So hopefully @SlowMobius can start one to you, and then you two can hammer out the details.


Additionally, you can PM me for Andrew if you need someone with more posts. We’re both on a Zwift cycling team and I linked him to this so I would be happy to pass messages to get you guys connected.


Anyone want some tires?

Cleaning the garage out and have a bunch of tires I don’t have a use for.

4-Maxxis Ikon 29x2.2
3-Panaracer Gravel King SS 700x43 - @ccleeland
2-S-works Turbo RapidAir 700x28-- @WindWarrior
2-Schwalbe One 700x28 - @bigdaddynewt
2-Rubino Pro 700x25

happy to ship any of them


S-Works please.

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Schwalbe 28

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I’m not sure if the 700x43 panaracers will fit in my frame, but I’d like to try for the price of “free”. If they don’t, I’m sure I can get them to someone who can. I’ll try to PM you, but I’m not sure if I’ve reached the “you can PM people” level yet.

UPDATE: I have not figured out how to send @Cory.Rood (or anybody) a PM as of yet.

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All are tubeless ready and all have sealant residue!