Official "Pay it forward" Equipment Thread

Profile T5+ carbon extension, shipping across EU, looking for a new home

I’ve got two pairs of yellow (max float) Shimano SPD cleats that I will never use. Happy to post free within the UK if someone can use them. Or, if someone wants to swap for some blues that they won’t use…

Vintage 1970s skates, gently used by WindWarrior and sisters. Must pick up in Fort Worth this weekend only. Have mercy on my soul and bring good local beer :beer:

Rare copy of the Internet from the 70s🤓 Get a copy for your kids. Priceless.


Garmin speed and cadence sensors, circa 2017 They worked last I tried them 1-2 years ago. DM me if interested!

I’ll take them


The Cam Newton

I have a computrainer control unit with homemade serial cable. No longer have a computrainer. Somebody give it a good home.

I’m in the US, but if you’re international we can talk about shipping costs.

CR2450 batteries. Best by 2024. Needed them for some cycling sensor or thingy, haven’t used them in a long time.

Anyone have a spare right Ultegra R8000 crank arm (172.5)? Pedal was installed incorrectly causing threading to strip.

can you take it to an LBS and see if shimano will replace it under the recall…

any chance more than one person wanted your shifter cables? I’ve got some laying around as well.

Would somebody like two never-used René Herse 700x28 Chinook Pass tires?

They’re about two years old. They were installed onto wheels, but never mounted on the bike and never ridden. I think they have a Standard casing, but it might be Endurance. I can check if you want me to.

$10 for shipping and they’re yours. I’ll throw in a regular tube or two (also never used) if you like.


@AgingCannon PM sent

Shimano PD-EH500 up for grabs. These were on my basic hardtail that I rode around town. They didn’t get a whole lot of use but are scuffed up a bit.

Just asking you to cover shipping in US. Thanks!

Edit: They’ve been claimed. Thanks!


UK based request:

Starting to try out some circuit races and upgrade my setup.

I’m keen to get a more aero helmet so if anyone has anything suitable lying around that I could purchase at a reasonable cost, please drop me a PM.

Happy riding!

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Long shot…But does anyone have a zero offset seatpost for the First Gen Allez Sprints / Venge Vias?

I tried the chinese carbon version off ebay and the saddle clamp snapped on the first ride.



I’ve searched eBay, Marketplace, Pinkbike, Craigslist wi no luck.

Does anyone have a set of ST-4703 (mechanical brake, 3x10 road drop bar shifter) in the parts bin?


11 speed or 10? I am in fact looking for an 11 speed

11 speed. just pay shipping

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@mwglow15 hey bud. I might have ya. It’s not literally from that bike / original, if you’re trying to keep it “all original”. What diam do you need? This one is ALMOST zero; it’s like 0.5 ish cm back-set. Not even I don’t think. V close to centre. (Free, of c. :slightly_smiling_face: Just shipping.)