"What cycling product would you love to have but is not available on the market?"

I’m an engineer/slow triathlete that has designed and manufactured product (from consumer, medical devices, to agricultural…) for over 25 years. I would love to design, make, test and ultimately distribute something for the cycling community. I thought that this forum would be a great place to get some great ideas.

Thank you all for sharing your ideas!! Please find a rough pareto of all 100 up to March 26th. I did not eliminate ideas that have possible existing solutions. I also grouped ideas into general categories in a separate chart.


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I don’t need it but I have been very surprised that there hasn’t been a cross between cycling and running shoes to allow for quicker transitions, some sort of cleat actually built into the bottom of the shoe that attached directly to the pedal


A spindle based dual sided crank power meter for mountain bikes. Boost spacing has made Stages style meters harder to fit on all frames and I like the idea of spindle based power for all bikes because it houses the strain gages and electronics out of the elements. So, a system like Cinch that measures both sides. As I use a Cinch meter on my road bike and the primary tool for TR work it’s frustrating especially on higher VO2 max efforts to hit numbers when you know full well the power you’re seeing is effectively lower than what you’re putting out.

Basically I think there’s still a lot of room to improve this vital training tool. Especially for off road racers


Standardized bottom bracket. Good luck :wink:


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Thanks for the input.

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Thanks, I “think” that I recall Coach Jonathan also mentioning in a podcast limitations on mountain bike power monitoring. I’ll try to pull up the podcast and see if there are additional references. In your mind, the limiters are 1) inaccurate power data in certain ranges 2) inability to adapt to certain frame types. Thanks Again for the Input

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Appreciate that.

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Wireless Blips
1x14 road gears
Fully Internal gearing, no external RD
ERG on road bike for training outdoors (requires ‘infinite’ gearing)
80mm ‘windproof’ rims

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Thanks. Appreciate the list of ideas.

Race transponder & head unit integration, so in race you’d know exactly where you are vs other people in your category. I’ve done too many longer MTB races where I never have any idea where I’m placing.


This is what I would vote for. I’ve never owned a power meter, and my first will be for my Fat Tire bike. I’m hoping the Cinch will do the trick. Do you recommend the Cinch?

Something that makes choosing a saddle far less hit and miss.


Power meter on MTB SPD pedal(s).

Not sure why pedal-based PMs are only available on pedals with road cleats. I only use SPD pedals and cleats for both road and MTB anyway. I have a 4iiii left-only on Shimano crank, and love it – but I can’t move it to the MTB. And in checking out new gravel bikes, I’ve run into clearance problems for the 4iiii even when my crank arm would otherwise fit the new bike. The IQ2 would be just the thing – but it’s not looking good lately.


Yes. I’ve had some issues with Race Face Carbon cranks but they always handle it well thru warranty. Just keep in mind the Cinch only measures power from your non drive side which I discovered one day trying to do single leg drills. All in all my Easton crank/Cinch has been flawless. The issues I’ve had with RF carbon cranks were in the MTB, pretty sure you can get a set of Turbines if carbon seems too deleicate for your riding style

Power meter in the shoes. It was promised years ago by Luck…


Blockquote[quote=“gsisteveg, post:7, topic:13357”]In your mind, the limiters

  1. inaccurate power data in certain ranges 2) inability to adapt to certain frame types. Thanks Again for the Input

Digging a little deeper - I’ve found that doing high wattage / short intervals is challenging with using a single sided PM because it’s effectively only measuring one leg, so I’m realizing that I’m accomodating my riding style so that I hit those numbers on TR. in other words, when I hit it harder with my right leg, the wattage might even decrease because the meter is only measuring left side power. Obvious solution is to run a dual side meter however a lot of mountain and gravel frames have crazy clearance issues that won’t allow the Stages (for example) to clear the chain stays.

I just purchased a set of really nice eeWings/stages (thought was that I wouldn’t have to replace for a very long time) only to find that the Stages unit smashes into the chain stays.

So the internal spindle based meter is great for that issue, but the trade off is single sided power only. For now. Hope that was clear, cool thread!

Made-to-fit saddles. I’m shocked at how easy it is to find shoes that fit; between the shoes size/width variety and insole/sock combinations to make more adjustments, more or less anyone can find a shoe/insole/sock combo that works for them.

But saddles? We should have something you sit on, it measures everything, then makes a saddle for you. Like a “pin art toy” (google it) for your butt → cnc machine for foam mold → lost foam carbon fibre manufacturing → 100% custom saddle. All of the tech pieces for this are well established. I have to think it could be done for less than the $500 some saddles already cost.

(Oh, and 100% wireless shifting that doesn’t suck or cost $4000. That too.)


It’s probably a matter of time but real time blood sugar, lactate or cortisol levels would be quite interesting.


I would like an AI cycling cyborg to train with. I could draft off him, he could take out aggressive drivers with his phase plasma rifle in the 40 watt range, he could yell encouraging things at me like “You ah uh weaklink”