Official "Pay it forward" Equipment Thread

This thread was discussed and approved by TrainerRoad representatives. It is meant for connecting people with equipment that they no longer need or use, to those who need and can use it.

We are doing this because of the challenges in the current world situation and the potential difficulty to get some equipment through the normal sources. Pass the extra gear that you have along to someone who can use it at this time, with the spirit of helping in mind.

  • This is NOT a “For Sale” thread. We are not opening that process at this time. “For Sale” posts will be removed.

Please use it appropriately or we will remove this option entirely. It is aimed at helping fellow TR Forum users through this tough time, so we can all help each other and get the most from this hard moment.

Permitted posts:

  1. Post equipment that your are willing to give to another user, for no money exchange / sale.
  2. Post equipment that you need to help you with your riding and training needs.
  3. Please include the following info when posting available or wanted items:

Item Name / Description / Condition:
Country / State Location:
Method of delivery:

  1. Please use private messaging in the forum to workout details on making shipping arrangements. This includes any payment for shipping charges, to be determined by the two parties involved. It also includes sharing of personal information like shipping addresses.

This is an initial test of the process and we may make adjustments pending feedback.

**Wanted:** Turbo trainer QR Skewer

Location: Aberdeen, Scotland.

These things seem like gold dust since lockdowns. My nearly 7 year old son is keen to spend more time on my trainer and I only have one skewer between the two of us. If anyone has one going spare that would be amazing.

DM me if you have one you could pass on or with a lead to order one online somewhere.

Sorted. Thanks to those who replied!


What type of skewer do you need?

I have an extra skewer for a kickr snap, if it would work DM me your shipping info:

This thread is awesome. Any way to pin it for a couple of weeks?

I doubt I have a lot of extra parts/equipment laying around but I’ll scour and see what I can come up with.


@Bryce or I can pin it, I just want to make sure TR is OK with that before doing so.

Have this spare. coming from Czech Republic, but soonest I could get it in the mail is Tuesday.


I’ve gone ahead and pinned it until May 1st :+1:.


I’ve got a Garmin speed and cadence sensor bundle gathering dust in my old bike. Might be useful for someone on a dumb trainer looking to start TR or a young person on a budget. Came with my Garmin 510 to give a sense of vintage…:rofl:

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Mentioned this in another thread, but looking for MTB clipless pedals and shoes (10.5US). Michigan, USA.

First season structured training and making great strides but I need to get off my Wellgo flats.

Cheers all. Wish I had something of use to pass along to someone else.

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Great idea for this thread, not really sure what people need, but here are a few things collecting dust in my basement.

  • 26" X 2.35 Schwalbe Hans Dampf mtb tire
  • PRO Falcon Ti rail saddle (basically new)
  • Scott road saddle
  • A couple size S men’s jerseys (basically new)
  • SPD-SL cleats (yellow)

Located in Indiana, USA.

I’ll add more as I find it.


What country / region?


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May have a set for you here in Madison. I think I have an extra set of Shimano…

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Thanks, @ggeiger. PMed you.


Thanks to all who replied/offered. One is on its way in the post.


I’ve got some Shimano M540 SPD pedals that need a home.

Just ordered some. Literally today. Too late to cancel too! Ah well, hope they find a good home :laughing:

Ordered some because my Powertap P1 continue to plague me with problems; now the right axle has 3mm of play :cry: Might be paying those forward one of these days as spares & repairs…

Wahoo Kickr power pack. UK.
Can anyone help?