Offer "Add/Save" option to Note Annotations when Edited

I use TR Calendar Annotations (specifically Notes in most cases) a LOT. One frustration I have with them is adding or editing info, then accidentally clicking out of the edit window and losing the entirety of my note and/or edits.

Please offer an “Add/Save” option whenever a note is edited AND an attempt to exit the note happens without using he actual Add, Save, Delete options. It sure sucks to do a bunch of edits and either click outside the window my or even hit the ESC key by mistake and lose all that info. Including some form of “Are you sure you want to lose this info?” or similar warning/save option would be very appreciated.

PS, this also applies to the Notes section within the TR & imported workouts. It’s possible to lose edits in a similar way if you don’t actually hit the “Update” button at the bottom of the note.